Expelled From Your Home To Begin Anew in Georgia

In the fall of 1731, the Catholic Archbishop signed an Edict of Expulsion. This executive order directed all non-Catholics to leave Saltzburg, Austria or convert to Catholicism. Amongst the 21,475 people that refused to change their religious beliefs was my 6th Great Grandfather on my mom's paternal grandfather's side.

These brave people refused to change their beliefs and took on a perilous journey to the newly created State of Georgia. They began their own religious community in Effingham, GA near Savannah.

They built their community and church right on the banks of the Savannah River (after a failed attempt of settling further inland 5 miles) and it remains as a gathering place and museum today. The original Ebenezer church and homes were small wooden structures and examples of these remain.

The pictures are from my visit there in 2018 to look for headstones of my ancestors.