Going Postal, Not Really

Going Postal, Not Really

I received a call yesterday from a 20-year employee of the U.S. Postal Service about our business needs. She won points by having a kid going to FSU. I almost fell off the couch when she said she just wanted to see if I had anything she could help with. Well, slap my a$$ and call me Sally! 

I recently had several issues with orders disappearing, broken on delivery, and ripped packaging that was taped with Scotch tape (am I the only one that LOVES the smell of Scotch tape?) I sent a package to Alaska and it survived so I never know which one will be the sacrificial package.  

Any who, I told her I had some complaints and lost some items to breakage. I've stopped using any postage that doesn't include tracking since those notoriously disappear, only to be returned to sender 2 months later. I've even started adding insurance on everything just in case. That really adds up. 

We already pay almost $2 more per package this year. My postal rep couldn't give me a hand with that but I ordered "free" boxes and I'm learning how to use their app. She wants me to file a claim for my lost packages but that's easier said than done. In my experience, nothing good comes from bucking the post office. 

She convinced me to go ahead and schedule package pick-ups twice a week. Whoa there. Slow down. Lol My carrier came by looking for a package. He's a nice guy but I'm sure it frustrated him to have to drive down to my house. C'est la vie.

Keep good thoughts for shipping this year. Margins will be tight. Stay safe.