Our First Cool Spell Comes on the Heels of Hurricane Ian

I've been quite excited about Halloween this year and it usually arrives along with our first cold snap. That means I have about 31 days to enjoy fall before we enter 1st winter. Soon after 1st winter we get a nice warming trend followed by rain and more cold. 

My bones hurt when it's cold so I don't look forward to true freezing temperatures. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. I love the hint of cool weather and the anticipation of halloween parties or Trick-or-Treat. 

Fall brings harvest festivals, Mule Day, the Seafood Festival, the State Fair, and family gatherings. It's a time to prepare for the short dark days of winter. The days when snuggling close and hot chocolate are required. 

Fall is also a time for college football. I love sitting in the crowd and cheering on my team. However you enjoy your pleasant fall days, take a moment to find something beautiful to be thankful for.