SoMag Hummer Water

SoMag Hummer Water

I LOVE to share videos of my hummingbirds. I talk to them but don't tell my husband. They haven't responded yet but I'll keep you posted on that effort. They chirp.

Mom and I had some unhappy hummers last week and I just knew my sugar to water ratio was off. We were getting low on sugar and I scrimped. The very next day after fixing the sugar ratio the big bird (he's green, not yellow) showed up to sample the new batch. Now they hang out all day. I sit right nearby.😍

Here's our secret:

Fill your tea kettle πŸ«– or small boiler pot with water and bring it to a boil. Fun game, see how long it takes someone to go to the kitchen and remove the tea kettle from the eye when it whistles. ⏰ Unless you live alone...😳

I still say if you don't feel like cooking and you wait long enough to start dinner, everyone will find something to eat. They won't starve.

Anywho, pour that hot water into a sweet tea pitcher.Β  I use a little 1/2 gallon Rubbermaid jug with a pop-top lid. It has a measurement on the side. πŸͺ£Not that important really.

Now add in a heaping cup of sugar for every 4 cups of water. Just use plain ole white table sugar. We use Publix brand but I guess any brand is fine. My hummers like Publix sugar. 🍚

Just pretend you've been tasked by Aunt Ruby to make the sweet tea for the family dinner after church. πŸ₯§We all have an Aunt Ruby that has sweet tea so sweet it makes you pucker.πŸ₯ƒ

Now stick that spoon πŸ₯„ in and give it a good stir. If you're one of my cousins that mixes their tea by sloshing it in circles, go for it. I understand.πŸŒͺ I did it that way too.Β 

Once it's mixed well, put the lid on it and store it on the back shelf in your fridge for a few hours until it cools off. 🍢Don't forget to tell your quarantine buddies about the Hummer Water.

Funny story: Momma Dot πŸ’œ decided to come in from yard work to get a nice cold glass of refrigerator water. She poured a nice tall glass and took a sip. It was too funny! She said ewwww. She drank my Hummer Water. 🀣

I think she said it tasted like sweet tea without the tea. Babies used to drink sugar water but not sure what the ratio was. 🍼 Hopefully not this sweet.

Once it's cooled, pour it into a feeder with bright colors. Mine love pink and red. πŸ¦„ No need to add food coloring. Change it out it it gets cloudy or if they stop showing up. Happy birding! πŸͺΆ