My Toile Bag

Anyone who knows me well will know I don't go anywhere without "my toile bag". It's been with me to Seattle, Yellowstone, Portugal, Texas, New York, and everywhere in between. It's seen the inside of security scanners at the airport, it's been used as a pillow, it's even provided a clean place to sit once. I think I'd have to say this is the best bag I've ever owned. 

I bought "My Toile Bag" when I first opened The Southern Magnolia in 2005 at the Market Days in Atlanta and it's travelled with me ever since. I get offended when it's abused since "this is the reason I can't have nice things". It has room to hold my toiletries, a spare change of clothes (in case my luggage is lost again), my Samsung tablet, my charging cords, and any snacks we might need. 

Since opening The Southern Magnolia 2, I have been dreaming of a new bag. I feel like I'm betraying a travelling companion but the new bags are calling to me for a change. I've always wished my toile bag came with wheels since it gets heavy and I can't carry things on my shoulders. I've always wanted a separate compartment for my flip flops. I love my flip flops. I've found the perfect style but I'm still stuck on the pattern.

I'll keep you updated on my decision. It's a hard one for me to make. I'm packing "My Toile Bag" for another trip.