United We Stand

United We Stand

It's election week. 

I hope everyone got out there and exercised their civic duty.  I am so thankful to be born in the USA.  No matter what happens in this election, we are all Americans!  We respect each other's views even if we don't always agree on the details.  We have so many values in common and we'll get through this just like we always do.  Take a deep breath and relax. (Not too relaxed, you might pee. hehe)

We're working to provide a wide selection of products that are designed and/or made in America.  It may take us some time to build up our inventory but we are proud of the American spirit and will do everything we can to support the USA. 

We are also looking into a line of environmentally friendly products such as reusable water bottles or stainless steel straws. We want to leave a better planet for the future.

Thanksgiving plans are under way and we're trying to determine how to sit outside away from each other but still enjoy each other's company.  In Florida we have an advantage with good weather so we can be outdoors together.  I sure hope the CDC has some guidance on this.  I'm envisioning disposable everything and no sharing serving spoons.  My mouth is watering just thinking about turkey, cornbread dressing (not stuffing), cranberry sauce, potato salad, and so many pies.  Oh my!

We're so excited to be shipping products to Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Maine, Georgia, Alabama, and so many more.  I am overwhelmed with the love. My office is a mess and my accounting skills are very rusty but we are setting new goals every week.

If you have something special in mind and want us to locate it, we will do our best.  We have many different options when it comes to vendors so we make sure we carry only products we would be proud to use in our own home or wear in public.  

Love to all my Sweet Magnolias! -CCR-