These Ghosts Have Sticky Fingers

In 2017 my husband and I wanted to try a new brunch restaurant in Panama City. We were meeting with family for mimosas and an omelet bar. Since my husband and I like to sleep late we decided to use our points and stay the night before at the hotel across from the mall where brunch would be served. 
We arrived that evening and settled in. Since we only had an overnight bag we didn't need a cart and the drama that comes with said cart.
We had come over after work from Tallahassee so we had on dressy work clothes. We couldn't wait to relax and watch some television. We changed into our jammies and lined up our jewelry, keys, wallet, purse, etc on the TV console area. At the time my husband wore a watch and I had a fitbit. There were many items lined up on the counter. 
I had a Coke for in the morning getting cold in the mini fridge. Life is good. Or so we thought... 
We woke up the next morning, showered and dressed. I was quite groggy before I finished my morning Coke. 
I added my uniform of jewelry like a badge of courage. Same comfortable ring, same earrings that aren't expensive but I received 1 complement on them and my mind decided to never wear another pair. These look nice. Stick to what works.
My husband always places his wallet in my purse when he takes it out of his pocket for the night. I just take for granted it is there. Hubby asks, "Have you seen my wallet"? What? It's right here on top of my it isn't. OK, it's in the car. No biggie. He didn't want to drive while sitting on it the entire drive. It's probably in a trash pocket. 
While I finish packing up and donning my armor he goes down to check the car. The room was paid so no worries there. We were meeting up with parents that would graciously cover brunch, no problem there. I can drive us home if I need to even though a princess never drives herself when a driver is available. 
He comes back to the room looking nervous. The contents of our overnight bag were scattered across the rumpled bed. No wallet. My purse was dumped and cleaned out. Why pass up an opportunity to clean my purse out? No wallet. Bathroom floor, just in case and shook the floor towels just to make sure. Nope. No wallet.
I'm starting to think about what a pain it's going to be to reorder cards and I realize there was cash in there. He never carries cash but with a new restaurant we weren't sure if they took cards and that's an embarrassing time to never carry cash. We learned this the hard way. Crud. 
We go downstairs after tearing our room apart and ask the front desk to keep an eye out just in case he dropped it in the hallway and it was turned in. We proceeded to brunch in the restaurant and tried to enjoy our meal. 
After brunch we began to say our goodbyes and walked by the front desk. The desk manager had his wallet. It was found by housekeeping in the back of the closet on the floor. There is no way! We tore that closet apart. 
We didn't even use the closet but still searched it just in case. The front desk says it happens often with wallets, wedding rings, and other items the ghost wants to take. Wait. What? They said it happens all the time. 
The hotel is no longer there but the memory will last forever. Needless to say, our housekeeper and front desk were tipped very well that day. We had a nice meal with family and headed home to tell the dog of our adventures.